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The 5th Imagine Science Film Festival

The 5th Imagine Science Film Festival

The 5th Imagine Science Film Festival kicks off this Thursday, November 8, 2012, at the Museum of Moving Image with the U.S. Premiere of The End of Time by Peter Mettler. The feature documentary film takes us on an explorative journey through time, from the particle accelerator at the CERN in Geneva, where scientists seek to probe regions of time we cannot see, to the lava flows in Hawaii.  Read more

London Science Festival: SCISCREEN: INCEPTION

The inaugural London Science Festival taking place this week and next, has compiled a diverse program of sciencey entertainment that makes the most of different communication formats. Reminiscent of the World Science festival that we attended earlier this year, there are lectures and museum-based events but also creative use of theatre and film.  Read more

London Science Festival: Roberts Science Policy Lecture with David Willetts MP

This post is also mirrored on our London blog. Stay tuned for more coverage of this year’s London Science Festival and to whet your appetite, make sure you check out our science festival blogging extravaganza and our map of the World’s Science festivals.  Read more

Science Festivals – A Dipity summary

Sadly the World Science Festival is over, but for those who were unable to attend this spectacular five day scientific extravaganza, you now can relive your experience with the following Dipity timeline that showcases all of the blogging coverage from the World Science Festival and more:  … Read more