Author and referee website launched

Nature Publishing Group has this week launched a website dedicated to authors and peer-reviwers. Authors & Referees @ npg ( provides links to and information about the Nature journals’ publication policies for primary research papers; author and referee services; and author benefits. We also provide feedback links so potential authors, peer-reviewers, scientists and other readers can ask questions about these topics. This blog (Peer to Peer) and our authors’ blog (Nautilus) are integrated into the site.

Find out more about the site here or via the links in the vertical column to the left of this page. We hope to be hearing from you about what you’d like us to include in this site, and receiving your questions and comments about our policies, services and benefits for authors and reviwers.

(This post has also been published on the Nautilus blog.)


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    feedback said:

    So these are review the authors articles or referring people to them?

    Maxine replies: The website is for scientists who publish or wish to publish in Nature and NPG journals. So it is aimed at authors and at referees (reviewers) — referees being defined as peers of the authors, who help the journal to assess the suitability of manuscripts for publication. It provides information and help to these groups of people, as detailed on the site itself.

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