Reviewers’ guidelines for the Nature journals

Q. Dear Nature Editors,

I am an editorial assistant for a journal published by the American Educational Research Association, which has just changed editorial teams.The current team is interested in improving the quality of the journal. Your journal was selected because of it’s caliber. We are particularly interested in knowing if you have guidelines that manuscript reviewers are asked to follow. If you do have guidelines for your reviewers,we would like to request a copy.

Thank you for your time,

Editorial Assistant

A. Dear Dr Editorial Assistant

Thank you for your message. Yes, the Nature journals have reviewer guidelines and a peer-review policy. You can access all relevant information on our peer-review web page.

Please let me know if, having read this page and the associated pages, you have any more questions. These pages are public information; you are welcome to copy and redistribute them so long as you cite the source (eg the URL).

Best wishes

Maxine Clarke



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