UK research council to review peer-review: help required

The UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council is currently running a survey on peer-review, from 9 October to 7 November 2008. The survey aims to gather opinions about the peer-review process to help the research council to make improvements in its processes and procedures. From the survey outline: “We want to gather as much information and opinion about the current EPSRC peer-review process as possible so that we can make it more effective and fit for purpose to meet future needs, and improve its usability for applicants and reviewers while ensuring it remains fair and transparent.” Anyone with an interest in EPSRC can respond, although the survey’s questions are aimed at scientists who have either reviewed for or applied for grants from the council.

Further information about the EPSRC’s reviewing process can be found here, including standards, advice on peer-reviewing and how to respond to peer-reviewers’ comments, and details of the council’s incentive scheme for reviewers.


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