Archive by date | November 2008

Positive skew of clinical-trial publication

A news story in Nature Medicine (14, 1133; 2008) discusses an investigation into the publication status of the clinical-trials literature (PLoS Med., doi: 10.1371/journal.pmed.0050191; 2008), which concludes that positive results of clinical trials for drugs or devices have a higher chance of getting published than negative trials. The study further concludes that when the trial sponsors publish the results from ‘pivotal’ trials only 76% of the time.  Read more

Nature Chemical Biology decodes decisions

Over the past four years, the editors of Nature Chemical Biology have enjoyed getting to know chemical biologists from around the world and hearing about their diverse research. In the journal’s December Editorial (Nat. Chem. Bio. 4, 715; 2008), the editors describe how they select papers. From the Editorial:  … Read more

NIH plans to streamline processing of grant applications

The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) will introduce new guidelines in January 2009 allowing biomedical researchers to amend and resubmit a failed funding application only once, as part of an overhaul of the peer-review system for evaluating grant proosals (see Nature 455, 841; 2008). Applicants whose grants are unfunded after the second submission may reapply only after designing a new proposal. NIH has previously suggested not allowing resubmissions, but decided against this step after an outcry from researchers (see Nature 453, 835; 2008).  Read more