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Science news reporting and declarations of interest

Following on from my Peer to Peer post of a couple of weeks ago “””>How not to mix politics and science”, I note (via Action Potential) that on 5 December, Daniel M. Cook et al. reported a highly relevant study in PLOS One 2(12): e1266. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0001266 .  Read more

How not to mix politics and science

In a blaze of colour on the 11 November ‘op-ed’ (invited opinion) page of The New York Times, some scientists proclaimed that, based on analysis of brain-imaging data from just a handful of swing voters, they had divined what the rest of the undecided masses truly think about the upcoming US presidential elections. Apparently just asking them was simply not good enough.  Read more

Should regulation of research be left to peers?

Mark Henderson in The Times yesterday (25 October 2007, page 36) reported the results of a survey of 204 researchers drawn from all levels in science, from the heads of major institutions to postdoctoral researchers and PhD candidates, concluding that “excessive regulation of science is damaging public confidence in research by creating a misleading impression that most of it is dangerous or ethically dubious.”  … Read more