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Author and referee website launched

Nature Publishing Group has this week launched a website dedicated to authors and peer-reviwers. Authors & Referees @ npg ( provides links to and information about the Nature journals’ publication policies for primary research papers; author and referee services; and author benefits. We also provide feedback links so potential authors, peer-reviewers, scientists and other readers can ask questions about these topics. This blog (Peer to Peer) and our authors’ blog (Nautilus) are integrated into the site.  Read more

Peer to Peer is welcomed

Peer-to-Peer and Nautilus have received their first welcome to the scientific blogosphere from outside the Nature Publishing Group. At Blog Around the Clock, Coturnix, er, welcomes us here. Lukman has added a comment: “Thanks for this great info. Your blog is very informative for science development for ordinary people like us.”  … Read more