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Peer review educational resource

Sense about Science has created a free education resource to meet the UK curriculum requirement (introduced in 2006) that secondary school children must be taught “how uncertainties in scientific knowledge and scientific ideas change over time and the role of the scientific community in validating these changes.” From the Sense about Science announcement:  … Read more

Do you know how to referee a paper?

This is the question asked by Ai Lin Chun of Nature Nanotechnology , at the journal’s Nature Network forum. She writes: “In the past year, a few people have ask ‘how do I referee a paper?’. It took me by surprise the first time I heard it mainly because it’s not something that has occurred to me before. It is clearly a valid question given it is not a subject taught in graduate school. Over time, we all seemed to have “learned” how to referee a paper by doing one for our supervisor(s) at some point. Should we be formally  … Read more

Ask the editor at Nature Network

Corie Lok, Editor of Nature Network, announces a Nature Network-hosted Q&A session with Nature editors. She, as well as some Nature and Nature journal editors (including me) have formed a Nature Network “ask the editor” group, which you are welcome to join (by clicking on this link). At the forum, Corie explains: “Hosted by the editors of Nature Network, this group/forum is for scientists who want to learn more about scientific publishing straight from the editors of Nature and the other Nature journals. Join the group and post your questions in the forum. We’ll do our best to get the right editor to answer them here.”  … Read more