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Scientific Data’s data deposition policies

Today we released Scientific Data’s detailed data deposition policies. If you are interested in submitting a Data Descriptor manuscript to Scientific Data, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these policies. data_logo

These are meant to be progressive policies that will support useful data sharing and reuse, while also strongly promoting existing community data repositories.  You can read more about our goals in this regard in our related blog post.

Authors should be aware that these data deposition policies are more stringent than at most other research journals.  In particular, authors will be required to deposit their data in an approved data repository before Scientific Data will consider sending a Data Descriptor out for peer-review.  Data may be kept private until publication, but authors must provide editors and referees with access to the data in a confidential and secure manner.  Submission, curation, and assignment of an accession number can take a matter of weeks at some data repositories, so we encourage authors to think about data submission early in the process of drafting a Data Descriptor.

Our data deposition policies include an initial list of recommended data repositories; please feel free to contact us if you would like help in selecting an appropriate repository. We will be updating this list regularly. If you are a representative of a data repository that you feel should be included in this list, please take a look at our criteria for data repositories and the related blog post from our Honorary Academic Editor, Susanna-Assunta Sansone, and then send us an email with a brief description of your data resource and how it meets our criteria.

These data deposition policies apply specifically to primary datasets.  You can see our policies on the sharing and deposition of research materials here.  We will also be drafting additional guidelines for code, workflows, and mathematical models in the future.


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