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Data Matters: credit and quality of data (part I)


Data Matters presents a series of interviews related to data sharing and data standards. We interviewed biogeographer Jens Kattge, team leader at the European Institute for Bioinformatics Henning Hermjakob and Keylene Simpson, head of a screening facility in Australia.  Working in different fields of life science, they all have responsibilities assuring credit and quality of their institutes data. Here they give an insight into how their respective field shares data at the moment and what the future challenges will be.


Jens_KJens Kattge
Group Leader of the research group Functional Biogeography at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Germany

In July, we look at the themes of credit and quality. Jens Kattge asks how we can make sharing data attractive to researchers, especially as their data ages, giving the example of the TRY initiative which is a successful and well-used repository for plant traits. Read the full interview ▶


CTMM, Portret/Groep, Amsterdam,14 2 2009Henning Hermjakob
Team Leader for Proteomics Services at the European Bioinformatics Institute, UK

Henning Hermjakob has been working on establishing frameworks that make data sharing possible, and easy, by motivating the proteomics community to encourage data sharing. How do we make data easy to deposit, easy to discover, and easy to claim credit for? Read the full interview ▶


Kaylene_SimpsonKaylene Simpson
Head of the Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics, an RNAi screening facility at the Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre, Australia

Kaylene Simpson says: “You become very passionate when you’ve spent such a long time performing a screen, and it’s not just about the end target of the publication, but it’s about sharing a gold mine of data.” Read the full interview ▶
See the Data Descriptor by Kaylene Simpson and coauthors


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