The Seven Stones

Editors’ Conference Calendar 2012

Below is a list of the conferences the Molecular Systems Biology editors will be attending in 2012.

Conference Place Date Editor
EMBL: Omics and Personalised Health Heidelberg Feb. 16-18 TL & ALH
Keystone: Complex Traits, Genomics and Computational Approaches Breckenridge Feb. 20-25 ALH
International Conference on the Systems Biology of Human Disease Heidelberg May 2-4 TL
CSHL: Systems Biology, Global Regulation of Gene Expression Cold Springs Harbor Mar. 20-24 TL
Keystone: Proteomics, Interactomes Stockholm May 7-12 ALH
The Sixth q-bio Conference Santa Fe Aug. 8-12 ALH
The 13th International Conference on Systems Biology Toronto Aug. 19-23 TL
HUPO 2012 Boston Sep. 9-13 ALH
EMBO: From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology Heidelberg Nov. 17-20 TBA

TL: Thomas Lemberger, ALH: Andrew L Hufton, TBA: to be announced

As usual, this schedule is subject to change, and we recognize that there are many excellent conferences that we will not be able to attend this year due to scheduling limitations.


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