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    Maxine Clarke said:

     This is a noble goal and I wish you every success with it. Practical action at the scientific level is hard to achieve and I admire your efforts.

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    Tom Webb said:

    A great initiative, and I especially like the focus on action rather than still more targets (saw a very interesting talk at the BES meeting last week, on Goodhart’s Law applied to conservation targets). Be really interested to the list – although I hope the desire for a nice round number won’t mean that additional important actions (over and above 100) are ignored.

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    James Randerson said:

     You can add your suggestions directly at the Guardian’s biodiversity100 website here.

    You can also see suggestions that others have made already at the website. What we are looking for are suggestions with a solid evidence base that are specific (eg not too general like ideas relating to controlling population).


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    Matt Brown said:

    The Biodiversity 100 list of actions has now launched – see the links down the left hand side of the page. There are 26 to start with, which will be built on in the future.

    This is a call to action for people to pile on the political pressure by writing to their environment minister and MP. The organisers are still also on the look out for more evidence-based actions to complete the list. Please contact Guillaume ( for more details.

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