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    Ahmedani Muhammad Shoaib said:

    "There is an abundance of minds and creativity in the Arab world. However, most of them drain into the West because there is a well-established support system for research."

    "So, what is the solution? The solution is freedom; freedom of opinion, being able to come to a decision through questioning, unhindered contemplation, institutional accountability, democracy and human rights."

    I hundred percent agree with Dr. Rana`s analyses and diagnoses of the problem as well as her suggestions leading to the viable solutions. I strongly beleieve that the poblems such as liberty in thinking, freedom in making decisions, respect for humanity, tolerance, beleief in logic, equality in all aspects of human life, urge for meditation and seeking knowledge are the teachings well refelected at many places in the holy Quran. All prophets have given the message of respect and love for the peoples, integration of all sections of life and to unite hem for building a welfare state. The tachings are well explained by Muhammad (S.A.), who practically taught us about these characteristics, So I strongly beleieve that Arab world hav ea great potential to contribute in scientific advancements if they adhere to the teachings of Quaran and Muhammad (SA) in letter and spirit. My opinion bases on the facts that in the past, Arab scintists and phiolsoophers did marvalous work in the scientific advancements through their inventions, developing theories on the bases of which structure of today`s scince is standing. No doubt they were practicinng muslims who delivered the message of love, peace and equality. They did not beleive in any sort of bias among the nations, communities or with in the community.

    I strongly provoke the solutions pointed out by Dr. Rana in her article. This is the time the Arab should work very hard for scoio-economic uplift of the region. This will ultimately result in improving life standard of the peoples, self-sufficiency in all aspects of life as well as prosperity. Such developments will significantly engage the youth in positive activites ensuring global development, peace and security.

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