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    Zen Faulkes said:

    The one thing I’d change is the description of blogging as “life-sucking yet strangely satisfying.” Blogging has done the exact opposite of suck life from me. I’d call it “time sucking but life affirming.”

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    James Letts said:

    I recently started a biochemistry and biophysics blog along the lines of the creation branch of your tree. I limit my posts to one per week so it isn’t too “time sucking” and I really enjoy writing it. Thus far I mostly write about the protein I work on and the mechanism of voltage-gating in cation channels. I intend to expand the discussion as time goes on.

    I hope in the future more scientist get into reading and writing blogs. I like to think that my colleagues would enjoy reading my blog if they knew about it.

    I would certainly love to hear what other science bloggers think about it. Please check it out and let me know what you think:

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