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    Silke Schmitz said:

    What if I really don’t care what kind of “type” I am or what kind of impression I give? I haven’t experienced any problems by being myself! I keep whatever I like/want/need on my desk, I do my research with my best efforts/ diligence, I discuss findings with colleagues and supervisors. I try to communicate in a friendly non-violent way with my co-workers (even though we are also not afraid of heated discussions, and, yes, of course there are disagreements). Sometimes people get along with each other, sometimes not. Sometimes people agree, sometimes not. So whatever impression that gives people of me, it is what it is and if they don’t like me or what I’m saying I don’t force them to.
    Overall I think all the clichee thinking promoted in this article is just one more attempt to press people into boxes, which is not only wrong based on the simple fact that we might roughly fit into one or more categories, but we’re different nonetheless. But also because I rebell against being boxed and sorted by fixed images that someone feels he/she has the right to judge. It disagrees with my idea of freedom to express myself and be whatever I like to be. It’s frankly rubbish. Don’t let yourself be pulled down by the idea that you don’t fulfill the sterotype of what others have defined you have to be. Be yourself.

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