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The Daily Dose – A double dose for the 4th of July

Today’s dose is our last Daily Dose entry for the near future. The ‘Dose’ is going out with a bang with two videos to tide you through the long weekend.

First up, from the University of Pennsylvania, we’ve got a video showing their method for modeling contractile forces in a 3-dimensional tissue matrix. Understanding how stretching affects tissue at the cellular level could aid efforts to bioengineer more realistic skin, muscle, and connective tissue.

So, it’s not really medicinal, or even biological, but we’re making a special, one-time-only 4th of July exception for this entertaining video on fireworks from the American Chemical Society. You don’t even have to be American to appreciate these explosions!

Bytesize Science Presents: The Chemistry of Fireworks from ACS Pressroom on Vimeo.

More blogs on the Spoonful of Medicine to come when we return July 6th.


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