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    Heather Etchevers said:

    This one is a keeper, Chris. Thanks!

    I often make the analogy to cooking, myself. What’s more, for a group leader to have any authority in the kitchen where they may aspire to being master chef, or at least sous-chef, they have to first have demonstrated proficiency in the basic techniques of the scrapbook (preferentially memorized), and to be excellent at trouble-shooting. That’s part of why I like to keep my hand(s) in, even though it’s not always the most efficient approach. Besides, I just like cooking, especially when luxurious ingredients and appropriate machinery are on hand.

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    Hemai Parthasarathy said:

    Chris, if you really want to be a publisher of classic recipes, don’t you need a test kitchen?

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    Chris Surridge said:

    @Hemai That is a great idea. I’ll put it to the directors. I’m sure they will see the sense of it.

    I guess for full disclosure I should mention that I was once involved in a project to DNA fingerprint caviar. Nothing came of it but lunch in the lab was great for a couple of months.