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Two ways to leave your lab on someone else’s dime

Here are a couple grant opportunities to spend some time in another institution’s lab studying stem cells.

CIRM’s “bridges” award works only for folks in California. It funds internships for undergraduates and Master’s level students at for-profit companies and academic institutions. Funds totaling $18 million will be awarded to 10 California institutions, where they will cover a program director, ten interns a year, and other activities. Letters of intent are due on July 31. It’s available to accredited academic institutions that didn’t get CIRM’s shared laboratory grants. More details are available at CIRM.

(BTW: There’s also $48 million coming in funds for CIRM trainee grants, which are geared for more specialized young scientists for one to three years. It’s similar to the NIH program; letters of intent are due at the end of July.)

Another award will foster collaborations between the United Kingdom and the U.S. It pays up to 5000 pounds ($10,000 dollars) for travel and expenses. The funding is primarily available for group leaders and principal investigators, but “exceptional” postdocs will be considered. (All awardees have to fly economy class) Funds are being offered through the British consulate in San Francisco, but scientists based in anywhere in the US or the UK can apply. (I looked for and didn’t find eligibility requirements based on citizenship. Let me know if I missed something.) You need to apply by September 14th for notification on October 14th, and your travel needs to be concluded by February.


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