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Around the web: some stem cell synopses

Why do I seem to be working harder and harder, but covering less and less? The vast majority of my readers, I’m sure, found the answer long before I did. In the eighteen months since Nature Reports Stem Cells has gone live, stem-cell happening have increased appreciably, inexorably, exhaustingly.

With so much content, we need filters more than ever, and on the cancer stem cell front, I just want to give a big thank-you to Alex Bersenev for his post over on Hematopoiesis, who summarized, organized, and emphasized important threads of my and others’ reporting on cancer stem cells. Another nice collection (including links to some open-access reviews) is on Jim Till’s cancer stem cell blog.

Also, and I meant to put this up long, long ago, his coverage of the ASH meeting focuses on aging and cancer. Check that out here.


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