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Non-embryonic stem cell clinical trials announced

Here’s a round-up of press releases and news articles of recent clinical trials in stem cells. Got something to add, email theniche[at]nature[dot]com

NerualStem has filed an IND to use its neural stem cell technology in a trial for Lou Gehrig’s disease.

StemCells, which already has a trial underway for Batten disease, just received FDA approval to start a trial for Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease (PMD), also a fatal brain disorder that affects mainly young children. The mechanism of the potential Batten disease therapy is to establish healthy neural cells that can help a patient’s own cells clear out some toxic garbage that builds up in the disease, the mechanism for PMD is to boost myelinization of neurons. (For work from a group that I think is unrelated, see Human cell transplants stop the shivers .) StemCells uses cells originally derived from fetal tissue.

Cytori has a 30-person clinical trial underway using fat stem cells for radiation induced injury.


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