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European Stem Cell Group looking for members

The European Stem Cell Group is looking for new members. This group is funded by the EU Framework 7, and the goal is to set up some work groups to discuss prepublication work, figure out ways to analyze and manage data, and provide training. There will be an annual closed meeting. There are 20 spots available this year, and applications for associate principal investigators are due on May 29.

If you scan through the list of principal investigators, you will see some very familiar names. There are nine from the UK, 4 from Germany, 3 from the Netherlands, 2 each from France, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland, and 1 from Austria.

Independent group leaders from EU and EEA countries with active stem cell research programs and recent publications are eligible to apply. Member information and application forms are available here. It’s a short form to fill out.

Speaking of Europe, the International Society of Stem Cell Research is having its annual meeting in Barcelona this July. You can learn about membership and the meeting here.

If you have an event to announce, you can email theniche[at] We try to post upcoming meetings of interest on our events page.


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