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Stem Cells in NPG this week

Of all the stem cells, I find skin stem cells the most confusing. So, I was really grateful for Elaine Fuchs and Cedric Blanplain’s review in Nature Reivews Molceular Cell Biology. This week, we have a two-part Q&A with Fuchs about navigating a scientific career when she had few female colleagues and about loving the complexity of skin.

Besides our interview with Fuchs, we have a few highlights:

One discusses recent work by Rudolf Jaenisch published in Cell Stem Cell.

Another sheds some light on how pluripotency is controlled.

A third highlight talks about the surprisingly high occurrence of chromosomal abnormalities in embryos donated for research.

Elsewhere in NPG:

Stem cell regulations are coming under scrutiny in China, as reported in Nature.

A stem-cell researcher considers an accusation of dullness.

A brief research highlight in Nature talks about an infrared-emitting protein that can image intact animals and might be useful in stem cell research.

Last week, the CIRM approved $67.7 million to fund 15 grants focused on early translational stem cell research, and SciBX provided some details.

Enjoy! If you have any links to news articles or research highlights I may have missed, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail.


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