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Getting more of ISSCR in Barcelona

Every time I’ve gone to an ISSCR meeting, I’m really busy trying to consolidate my note and get blogs up. All the sleep-deprived while, I’m feeling guilty about the stuff I don’t cover. This year, I’d like to ask you for your help. Are you willing to send me 50-200 words on the talks and posters you find most interesting?

If so, let me know before ISSCR starts (It starts July 8, but let me know by June 29). Describe your scientific or professional background in ten words or less. In four sentences or so, describe a paper or development that you think is exciting in stem cell biology or business. At the conference, you’ll write up what you like and send it to me for a quick edit. I’ll send it back to you so you can check for accuracy, and it will go up on the Niche with your name. I might be able to pay some grad students or postdocs (be forewarned: it won’t be much)

I’m not going to bar people from writing about whatever they think is the most interesting, but I may not put up every submission. Also, I encourage you to avoid perceived conflicts of interest. By agreeing to write for the Niche, you agree to disclose potential conflicts such as but not limited to the following: writing about researchers who have worked with or for you, writing about researchers you’ve slept with or reasonably plan to sleep with, writing about organizations or companies with which you have a financial relationship, etc. Also, if you hope to quote someone and you’re not wearing a press badge, let the person know at the beginning of the conversation that you might be looking for information for quotation.

If this sounds fun, send an email to theniche[at] with the subject line “covering ISSCR” by June 29th. In any case, I’m looking forward to meeting many members of the stem cell community in Barcelona this year.


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