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Russian stem-cell firm to go public

Moscow’s Human Stem Cell Institute hopes to break the ice in Russia’s frozen IPO market with a $5 million offering, according to an article in Reuter’s.

I’d never heard of this group, which according to Reuters was founded in 2003.

A bit of Googling brought me to this reference, which appears to be a review about cord blood. The last author of the review is A Isaev (Isayev) described as the general manager of the company by Reuters. When I searched PubMed for the authors, I found only four articles by AA Isaev, all written about colon diseases in Russian-language journals.

Its major competitor is a cord-blood banking company called Cryo-Cell. It’s an odd business model, but one that seems to be proliferating. See last year’s run down on cord-blood companies springing up in Asia, as well as a (critical) feature story. Stem cell banking: lifeline or subprime?


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