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So many papers, so little time

Coming this Thursday,

Five “immortality boosts reprogramming” papers are summarized (Nature: Yamanaka, Hochedlinger, Blasco,) See also Nature News,

a highlight probing molecular mechanisms behind breast cancer stem cells (PNAS from Baylor’s Jenny Chang and Cell from Stanford’s Mike Clarke)

An analysis of what human embryonic stem cell lines are being used (Nature Biotech from Stanford’s Chris Scott and University of Michigan’s Jason Own-Smith)

A comparison of bone nodules formed from cells derived from bone marrow, mesenchymal stem cells, and embryonic stem cells (Nature Materials from Imperial College’s Molly Stevens))

We will also have one coming next Thursday on a trio of paper on how cancer stem cells in both leukemia (Cell) and bladder cancer (PNAS) use a “don’t eat me signal” to evade the immune system,, mentioned in last week.

Already up,

The delivery dilemma: researchers are starting to make the right cells, how can they get them to work in the body.

Three papers showing that induced pluripotent stem cells can make entire mice (Nature from Chinese Academy of Science’s Qi Zhou and from Scripps’ Institute Kristin Baldwin. Cell Stem Cell from Shaoring Gao at the National Institute of Biological Sciences in Beijing)

Two papers showing that cytokines instruct blood-forming cells into the desired lineage, rather than encouraging cells already in the desired lineage to grow (Science from Timm Schroeder of the Hemholtz Center in Munich and Cell from Center of Immunology of Marseille-Luminy)

And a Nature Medicine analysis on precancerous breast tissue that finds at least one type of cancer starts with progenitor cells (Jane Visvader, WEHI in Melbourne)

And more that I can at least mention here

Make beta cells with just one transcription factor

The Ectopic Expression of Pax4 in the Mouse Pancreas Converts Progenitor Cells into α and Subsequently β Cells (in Cell from Patrick Collombat and Ahmed Mansouri at Max-Planck Institute)

(See its news and views )

Dedifferentiation in fruit fly testes: Cells on the way to becoming sperm revert to a primordial stem through a pathway controlled by JAK/STAT

Dedifferentiating Spermatogonia Outcompete Somatic Stem Cells for Niche Occupancy in the Drosophila Testis in Cell Stem Cell (from Erika Matunis at Johns Hopkins)

And STAT3 may have a role in cancer stem cells in glioblastoma as well (Stem Cells, Brent Cochran at Tufts)

Mouse embryonic stem cells and iPS cells converted to brown fat cells

Initiation of myoblast to brown fat switch by a PRDM16–C/EBP- transcriptional complex in Nature, from Bruce Spiegelman at Harvard Medical School

A role for pericytes as microenvironmental regulators of human skin tissue regeneration in JCI


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