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Big list publications from the last big stem cell meeting

Listening to scientific talks makes me nervous; it’s so easy to conflate and confuse fast-flowing information. At the most recent meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) this July in Barcelona, I frequently found myself wishing for the slower pace of reading the relevant source material. Others must also want such a list, I reasoned. So, with a great deal of help, and no little cutting and pasting, Nature Reports Stem Cells put it together.

It necessarily lacks all the as-yet-unpublished work presented, but I hope it still provides a valuable snapshot of the work going on in July 2009. the link to the formatted list is below, and I hope that people in the stem cell community will round out what is missing via comments. Thanks for your work.

The 7th ISSCR reading list compiles work that has been published and accepted (and whose scientists told me about it)

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