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Stanford conference: stem cells, the new NIH, and delimiting embryo research

Students from the law and medical schools at Stanford University brought together an impressive group of world-class experts last week to discuss stem cell policy. I’ll describe some (very select) highlights over the next few blogs. Check the site for the Stanford Journal of Law Science & Policy over the next few weeks for powerpoints presentations and audiorecordings.  Read more

Ideas on stem cells: consent, use, nature

Earlier this month, the NIH assembled a working group to decide whether currently existing human embryonic stem cell lines confirm with the spirit of guidelines released on July 7. (See Let the vetting begin ) Much of the assessment will center on informed consent procedures.  Read more

CIRM signs agreement to collaborate with Germany on stem cell research

The California Institute of Regenerative Medicine has collected a sixth country for its international collaborations. German and Californian scientists will be able to submit joint grants for collaborative projects that focus on immunology. Researchers would, however, be funded by their respective governments.  Read more

Big list publications from the last big stem cell meeting

Listening to scientific talks makes me nervous; it’s so easy to conflate and confuse fast-flowing information. At the most recent meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) this July in Barcelona, I frequently found myself wishing for the slower pace of reading the relevant source material. Others must also want such a list, I reasoned. So, with a great deal of help, and no little cutting and pasting, Nature Reports Stem Cells put it together.  Read more

Congratulations to John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka on the Lasker Prize Gurdon of Cambridge University and Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University have been awarded the Lasker prize, also called the American Nobel. (I imagine anyone reading this blog already knows who they are.: frog cloner and cell reprogrammer)  … Read more

Human embryonic stem cell research stuck on two early lines

Under former US president George W. Bush, fewer than two dozen human embryonic stem cell lines could be studied with federal funding. That number could soon extend into the hundreds, pending ethical review by the US National Institutes of Health. However, research led by Christopher Scott of Stanford University in California shows that of the 20-odd lines available for funding, researchers have so far depended primarily on just 2 of the oldest human embryonic stem cell lines1.  Read more

CIRM to look for Vice President of Research and Development to Replace Chief Scientific Officer

At a board meeting for the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine yesterday, President Alan Trounson said the organization needed to prepare to move laboratory research into clinical trials within four years. That, he said, means hiring a new vice president with corporate experience to work closely with industry and regulatory agencies and shepherd the work of the soon-to-be-funded disease teams.  Read more