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Surfeit of stem cell stories in Nature and around

I’m at the ISSCR meeting in Barcelona, taking notes on talks and conversations. Writing that up is on the to-do list for tonight. Meanwhile, here’s a quick plug for NPG. The 2 July issue of Nature is packed with stem cell content. The two stacks of free copies disappeared from the venue’s literature tables before the first set of talks finished. For those of you who didn’t arrive early enough, here’s what was in that issue, along with a few stories that appeared online since then.  Read more

I’ll be back in time for ISSCR

Here’s a quick note to say that I won’t be posting for the few days before the big stem cell conference, as I’m taking a few insufficient days to see Spain. I’ve seen a glmipse of some of the announcements and journal articles set to come out as the conference opens, and it’s going to be a very busy time in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Hope to meet a lot of you there.  Read more

Chief Scientific Officer Leaving California Institute of Regenerative Medicine

Marie Csete will resign her post from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine as of Aug 1st, according to the California Stem Cell Report, Consumer Watchdog and the Silicon Valley Business Journal. The resignation comes just before a huge round of grants aiming to push stem cells toward clinical trials is due to be awarded. No word on where Csete, who moved to San Francisco for the job, will go now.  Read more

Getting more of ISSCR in Barcelona

Every time I’ve gone to an ISSCR meeting, I’m really busy trying to consolidate my note and get blogs up. All the sleep-deprived while, I’m feeling guilty about the stuff I don’t cover. This year, I’d like to ask you for your help. Are you willing to send me 50-200 words on the talks and posters you find most interesting?  Read more

Please help me make Nature Reports more useful!

Those of you who’ve met me know I’m constantly trying to figure out how to split my time between research highlights, summarizing news on the Niche, getting commentaries, Q&As, news features, etc. Now I’ve got a formal way to find out. Please take our brief survey. This link is only going to be live for a short while (I think it goes down on June 11th)  … Read more

European Stem Cell Group looking for members

The European Stem Cell Group is looking for new members. This group is funded by the EU Framework 7, and the goal is to set up some work groups to discuss prepublication work, figure out ways to analyze and manage data, and provide training. There will be an annual closed meeting. There are 20 spots available this year, and applications for associate principal investigators are due on May 29.  Read more