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How can taxpayer-funded stem-cell initiatives ease research, commercialization?

Maryland has just issued requests for proposals in stem cell research for a series of five-year grants for projects with supporting data plus two-year grants for more exploratory research. Graduate students and post-docs across the U.S. can apply to work in Maryland stem-cell labs for fellowships worth up to $55,000.  Read more

What got funded: statistics on California’s new stem cell line grants

The California scientists most likely to receive state grants for making new cell lines were those who proposed comparing embryonic stem cell lines and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines. Overall, thirty-two percent of all grant applications (16 of 50) were funded. Four of the five grants that proposed comparisons got funds. The unfunded grant application crossed into less favored categories, as it also proposed making lines from parthenotes and through nuclear transfer. None of the grant applications that sought to make cell lines using human oocytes were funded. Two proposed cloning through nuclear transfer, one proposed stimulating unfertilized eggs to divide into parthenotes, and one application proposed using both methods.  Read more