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Singin’ in the … lab

In honor of a recent discovery of Andy Mitchinson’s secret talents (you’ll see…), I thought I’d check out what the internet had to tell me about that dangerous place known as the intersection of science and song. Everyone has heard some of the more common science-inspired songs (‘She blinded me with science’, or Kate and Ann McGarrigle’s charming NaCl), but I was also amazed to discover a vast array of normal songs that have been reappropriated as science teaching tools (here’s an example) and, even better, the Science Songwriter’s Association, a group of folks who just like singing about science. A quote from Feynman (below) indicates how they might have been inspired to not only write science songs but to band together against the void of science in song:  … Read more

They might be giants

In a couple of weeks I’m off to The Young(-ish!) Giants of Chemistry, a conference – and related fancy dinners – to celebrate the 65th birthday of Sir Fraser Stoddart. There’s a pretty good line up of speakers – it’s a combination of former students and postdocs, colleagues both past and present, as well as a selection of prominent researchers who are at least a generation younger than Fraser. There will also be a couple of poster sessions.  Read more

Anarchy in the UK

Thanks to one of my colleagues for bringing to my attention an article in the education supplement of today’s Guardian in which chemistry Nobel Laureate Harry Kroto expresses grave concerns about the future of British science. The piece contains some strong stuff, and here are some quotes I wanted to share with you:  … Read more

Living in a material world…

I was out at the pub last night with a few other editors, and one of my colleagues mentioned that an editor from Nature Materials is leaving the company (and the country) – while she’ll be definitely be missed by all, this means that Nature Materials is searching for a new associate editor to join their team:  … Read more