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I’m into something good

The joy of this job is that we are constantly reading about new research, whether its newly submitted manuscripts or just keeping up with current literature. The downside, of course, is that all of these things are written in prose. Where’s the poetry in science, I ask? (as did Feynman) You can find one recent example in a News & Views in our July issue, but I think this is only the start of something good, as Herman’s Hermits told us.*  … Read more


While standing on the tube platform this morning (trying to ignore the general unpleasantness associated with London’s public transport system), an advert caught my eye. It featured a model wearing a T-shirt with a periodic table on it. For a brief moment, I was overcome with the notion that chemistry had become fashionable, possibly even sexy.  Read more

Whiskey in the jar

On Wednesday night (June 27th), Nature Network Boston will be hosting their first ‘pub night’ at Tavern in the Square (in Central Square, Cambridge). Corie Lok, the editor of Nature Network Boston, recently blogged about this event, which will be “your chance to meet other scientists from the Boston area, including other members of and bloggers on Nature Network Boston and a few people from Nature’s Cambridge office…”  … Read more

The NIHghts who say ‘no’

Apologies to our international readers for the U.S.-centric post, but the National Institutes of Health announced earlier today that PAR-07-353, a grant involving Cheminformatics Research Centers, has been canceled for “programmatic reasons.” For those of you who haven’t heard of the Cheminformatics Research Centers, they are part of the Molecular Libraries Roadmap Program (MLP), which is  … Read more

CFCs: Confessions of a former chemist

[Editor’s note: over the next few months we will feature guest bloggers from a range of backgrounds and hopefully some of these posts will turn into regular series… first up is Mushy, a former chemist who has left it all behind for the bright lights of the City!]  … Read more