Archive by date | January 2009

Science in trouble

I just discovered that it looks like a major Canadian funding institute has lost its place in the recent Canadian federal budget (see here and here for coverage). I’m wary of saying more than is supported by the limited information that I have, but it seems like a troubling turn for scientific research if this trend continues?! Anyone know more?  Read more

My little black book

My sister recently gave me ‘a mini guide to the periodic table’. The interesting fact for today is: Neodymium is magnetic, and in fact NIB (neodymium, iron, boron) magnets are so strong that you can put them on either side of your hand and they will stick. That’s kind of creepy.  Read more

NChem Research Highlights: Straight iron, protein binding and H-graphene

Like a cricket pitch with autumnal goal-posts, here’s a small sign of time passing: Research Highlights are now going to be more like 200 words than 250. Why? Because the print version of Nature Chemistry will require shorter stories, so we need to get in the habit now! I hope you’ve enjoyed the bonus 50 or so words per article – you’ll never have it so good again!  Read more