Archive by date | August 2010

EuCheMS – Elemental enjoyment

If yesterday’s blog themes were mechanisms and energy, then today’s theme is elements. Different, diverse elements. (It does occur to me that, as pretty much all chemistry is concerned with one element or another, this isn’t really much of a theme!) I pretty much stuck to the Advances in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry part of the programme today, which was focused on Advances in Inorganic Synthesis.  Read more

EuCheMS – Mechanistically minded

Greetings from rainy sunny rainy confused Nuremberg Nürnberg, where I am attending the 3rd EuCheMS meeting. As ChemCafé’s Sebastien Rochat tells us, this is the ‘unpronounceable acronym for European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences’. Unfortunately, I arrived even later than Sebastien and thus missed the welcoming speeches, first two plenaries and the reception. Thanks to Air Berlin for that!  Read more

ACS: Heroes…

I don’t attend too many press conferences at the ACS meeting – because they are aimed at a much more general audience than a chemistry journal editor (that’s not a bad thing – read on). On Sunday, however, I attended a press conference with the intriguing title of ‘New Heroes of Chemistry’. I really had no idea what this was about as I didn’t read the press release in advance.  Read more

ACS: Trifluoro talks

The skies are leaden and we’re set for several days of rain. But the weather isn’t going to deter the thousands of chemists who’ve congregated here in Boston for this fall’s national ACS meeting. The technical program is particularly good this time round, so I’ve had some difficulty cherry-picking which seminars to attend.  Read more