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ACS Philadelphia 2008: Phys Chem heavyweights

I’ve spent most of the last couple of days in sessions organized to celebrate 100 years of the ACS physical chemistry division. They’ve been packed with some real science heavyweights and in general, have mixed some great ‘memory lane meandering’ with new results.  Read more

ACS – Chemistry issues

I’ve arrived in Philly for the ACS meeting and it was after a less eventful journey than the one taken by the last Nature Chemistry editor that attempted to get to an ACS meeting. My flight thankfully set off and landed more or less on time and it was predictably full of chemists.  Read more

NChem Research Highlights: cell metabolites, chocolate, and hydrogenation catalysis

Apologies to all those who logged in on Friday to read the witty and humorous NChem research highlight update but (for various reasons) they will now be brought to you on Mondays – although the highlights themselves will still go live on Fridays.  Read more