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    Jeffrey Page said:

    This is a very insightful read into the need for diversity in the sciences. A sustained push must be made to develop young people of color’s interest in the STEM fields, so that more young scientists like Stephani Page are produced. More importantly with the lessons she has learned it would be a safe bet that she would become an excellent mentor.

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    DN Lee said:

    This is an awesome post. It is a delicate balancing act. You’ve articulated what I have felt in the sciences and I am sure other men and women of color in the sciences.

    Thank you so much this piece. I’m glad Nature is hosting this series on Mentoring.
    Best of luck to you, Stephani

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    Jonathan Bush said:

    This article echoes the sentiments of many, even beyond the scope of scientist. Your voice resonates with many seeking mentorship within the scientific field. We must continue to pioneer and foster an environment where mentorship is welcomed and encouraged. I am confident that major strides will be made so Stephani and others will have what is needed to succeed! Excellent article!

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