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Crosspost: What element do you want for Christmas?

Pop over to the Big Nature news blog The Great Beyond to see what element people want for Christmas…there’s a video too.

Personally, I’d like some helium, to keep everyone entertained with squeaky voices while we’re waiting for the turkey to cook.


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    OilIsMastery said:

    I want Nitrogen so I can show people how it defies gravity.

    “The ingredients of the air—oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other gases—though not in a compound but in a mixture, are found in equal proportions at various levels of the atmosphere despite great differences in specific weights…Why, then, do not the atmospheric gases separate and stay apart in accordance with the specific gravities?” — Immanuel Velikovsky, cosmologist, 1946

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    chiz said:

    Why do we have go for one of the known elements? Personally I’d go for an undiscovered one. Something super- or ultra- transuranic or even something with a toroidal nucleus.