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    Karen McKee said:

    Nice post and useful information about how you choose referees. Also good comments about the gender imbalance in reviewing.

    Your suggestion #1 about having a web presence especially caught my attention because it relates to a topic I’ve recently been hammering on my blog, The Singular Scientist: women in science need to increase their online presence. If you have no online visibility or an out-of-date website, you are more easily overlooked by potential collaborators, journal editors, proposal reviewers/panelists, symposia organizers, job interviewers, and others who can directly or indirectly impact your career.

    Unfortunately, many women seem to fear being viewed negatively as “self-promoters” if they have online profiles at science networking sites, have a website listing recent accomplishments, or interact with the media. Hopefully, this will change as the younger generation, who’ve grown up with the internet, become established scientists and embrace the opportunities to showcase themselves and their research.

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    John Spevacek said:

    So industrial researchers are…chopped liver?

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    Anne Churchland said:

    This is a great article; I am pleased to see Action Potential and, importantly, Nature tackling the issue of gender bias in science. The advice to develop a web presence is very smart and should be advice that is fun to follow. Writing a blog, developing a website- those things give one the opportunity to reflect both on one’s own science and the science of one’s larger community.