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Scientific American’s open web experiment

Scientific American is undertaking a social web experiment in its article Science 2.0: Great New Tool, or Great Risk?, by M. Mitchell Waldrop (article dated 9 January 2008). The article addresses whether wikis, blogs and other collaborative web technologies are the start of a “new era of science”. The article itself, however, is a draft: not yet formally published in the magazine, the author encourages readers to comment on it before he revises it for final publication.  Read more

Nature Precedings is live

Nature Precedings is now out of “beta testing” and is launched. This new community service is described at Nautilus, the NPG blog for present and future authors. Submissions are screened by our professional curation team for relevance and quality, but are not subjected to peer review. High-quality contributions from biology, medicine (except clinical trials), chemistry and the Earth sciences are welcomed.  Read more