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Announcing winners of NI Photo Contest 2019

The winners of the Nature India photo contest 2019 have now been chosen after a week of unprecedented activity on the Indigenus blog and our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter ). A global jury, comprising members of the Nature Research editorial and design teams as well as an independent scientist, has given their verdict.

The photographs have been judged for their adherence to this year’s theme ‘Food’, for their creative thinking, quality and print worthiness.

The winner of the Nature India photo contest 2019 is:

Partha Pratim Sahafrom Kolkata, West Bengal, India

for his strong image ‘Dry day catch’, which focuses on the relationship between climate and food and emphasises the importance of water bodies as sources of nutrition.

Partha Pratim Saha

In Partha Pratim’s words: “Shilabati is a rain fed river in Eastern India. Many fishermen depend on this river for their catch in the rainy season. But in summers, the river dries up. Fishermen are then unable to use their boats in the shallow water. In these dry seasons, they go down to the level of the river bed and use hand nets for fishing the traditional way.”

The second winner is:

Avijit Ghosh from Kolkata, West Bengal, India

with his picture ‘Empowering meal’, which puts into warm-hearted focus the vital relationship between nutrition and healthy development.

Avijit Ghosh

Avijit says, “In many parts of rural India, school students are given mid-day meals. These free lunches for children in primary and upper primary classes are an innovative scheme to help children get nutrition while also incentivising their school attendance. This scheme exemplifies how food can be used as a means of empowering communities – both through nutrition and education.

The third prize winner is:

Owais Rashid Hakiem, New Delhi, India.

for his image ‘Fishy business’, which highlights the important issue of quality control in raw food products.

Owais Rashid Hakiem

Owais Rashid says, “During the festive season, consumers pay little attention to the quality or freshness of food products as markets are flooded with a variety of options. Just like vegetable buyers, fish and meat eaters can judge the quality of their raw food with some tell-tale signs. This photograph was captured near the Chittaranjan Park fish market in Delhi during the Durga Puja festival.

Many congratulations to the winners!

The winners of the Nature India photo contest 2019 will get a cash awards ($350, $250 and $200 respectively). They will receive a copy of the Nature India Annual Volume 2018 and a bag of goodies (including Collector’s first issues of Nature and Scientific American and some other keepsakes) from the Nature Research. One of the winning entries also stands a chance of being featured on the cover of a forthcoming print publication.


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