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March’09 Conferences

Editors like to attend scientific conferences to get the pulse of the community and find out what is new and exciting in different subject areas. I like to think that face-to-face interactions also help ensure that editors aren’t viewed as faceless cogs in an uncaring publishing machine. It is also a welcome change of scenery after staring at a computer screen for hours on end, day after day.

To alert our readers to upcoming conferences of methodological interest that a Nature Methods editor will be attending, we will begin posting monthly conference schedules on Methagora. We hope this information is helpful to you and look forward to meeting some of you at these meetings. Information on the Nature Methods editors can be found here.

Biophysical Society Annual Meeting (Boston, MA) Feb 28-Mar 4

No editor from Nature Methods has ever attended this meeting before (though not for lack of desire). But this year Associate Editor Natalie de Souza and Nathan Blow, who edits the Technology Features, will both be attending.

Pittcon 2009 (Chicago, IL) Mar 8-13

Nathan Blow will attend this conference whose technical program and exposition cover laboratory science technology over a wide array of scientific disciplines.

Systems Biology: Networks (Cold Spring Harbor, NY) Mar 18-22

It seems that we rarely miss the various network biology meetings anymore and they always have something interesting. Natalie de Souza is planning to attend.

Perspectives in Stem Cell Proteomics (Hinxton, UK) Mar 22-23

This meeting, devoted to the intersection of two interesting fields, will be attended by Associate Editor Allison Doerr.

ESF Ligand Binders Workshop (Alpbach, Austria) Mar 23-25

Our publisher, Veronique Kiermer, will be attending this meeting.

Computational Cell Biology (Cold Spring Harbor, NY) Mar 24-27

We have published some computational biology papers and are interested in pursuing this field further. Editor Dan Evanko is planning to attend.

In terms of longer term plans, I will be attending EBSA 2009 in Genoa Italy. The conference will be running from July 11 to 15 so I’m hoping the weather will be beautiful. Italy itself was certainly beautiful the one time I visited previously and I’m looking forward to seeing a different part of the country.

For those who don’t know, EBSA 2009 is the 7th Congress of the European Biophysical Societies’ Association (EBSA). It was formed in 1984 with the objectives to advance and disseminate knowledge of the principles, recent developments and applications of biophysics, and to foster the exchange of scientific information among biophysicists. EBSA 2009 provides special incentives for young investigators and the 7th Congress will celebrate 25 years of EBSA.


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