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Mapping Science In The City: Münster

The North-West German city of Münster may be relatively small (population 270,000), but it packs an academic punch with eight universities/colleges and 48,500 students (all figures from Wikipedia).

In the second instalment of our series mapping scientific cities, Bastian Greshake and Juri Hößelbarth plot the key locations for scientists in their home town.

Science Map Münster auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

As you can see be zooming out, most of the University of Münster’s buildings (red) and other institutes (blue) are located to the West of the city. Museums (yellow) are largely central or South-West. One additional pin (green) locates the offices of scientific publisher Monsenstein und Vannerdat OHG.

Bastian welcomes suggestions for further additions to the map, so please comment below if you have ideas. Likewise, take another look at our London science map if you know that city well and might have places to add. Either map acts as a handy guide to scientific life in these cities for anyone travelling to a conference or setting up as a student or researcher.

We’d love to build a series of such maps, so please get in touch if you’d like to contribute. The maps are easy to put together and we’re happy to offer guidance if you’re new to Google Maps.


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    Gedankenstücke said:

    Wissenschaftsstandort Münster

    Im Blog Of Schemes and Memes hat Matt recht schön die wissenschaftlich interessanten Standorte Londons rausgearbeitet. Dabei sind Museen, Uni-Einrichtungen, Firmen, Verlage & Co die irgendwie mit Wissenschaft zu tun haben.

    Science Map Münster auf ei

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