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    Laura Wheeler said:

    Thanks Ann for sharing this. It is so exciting to hear how the café model has spread globally and works in all cultures!

    Having the opportunity to talk about science in an informal setting helps bride the gap between scientists and the public, so I think that it is very important for people to support initiatives/ meetings like this.

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    Malcolm Bartlett said:

    Very nice article. It reminds me of the coffee houses in London, when they first started (not that I was around for those). Interested people naturally gravitated towards them, and eventually they became something more, e.g. law firms where the lawyers met, etc. I like your last point the most, that they’re “just good fun.” Just what science is meant to be. What a privilege for those of us who get to do it!
    Often, I feel at least, that many PR campaigns can come across as having an agenda other than just informing and encouraging discussion. This is a great way of changing that.

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    Gerd Moe-Behrens said:

    A great way to democratizes science and involve a broader audience to the discussion. I did not know about this movement. Thus, thanks so much for sharing this.
    You are into the discussion of technical solutions to reach a wider audience. I think this is a matter of trial. Why not test it out? If you have a subject you think it has a appeal to a wider audience test it.
    You can use G+ hangout life stream. This is an easy way to broadcast your discussion. You could even connect by this 10 cafes at different places. People can comment on G+.
    This form of life report from scientific discussions is quite new. However, I have some awesome experience with it. Last year was a big conference in Synthetic Biology, which I could not attend. I was following the life stream and was able to communicate with them on Twitter. On another occasion I was participating on a hack event at Mozilla. I watched the live stream and could discuss via IRC chat. This really works awesome.
    I think many thinks has just to be tested out. We will learn form it in any case. Good luck to your great project.

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