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Thinning the mint

Some people have been picking on those adorable girl scouts for peddling their cookies—as if every little girl were really some sort of evil trans-fat pusher, single-handedly blimping up America. Ok, the main force behind this anti-American sentiment seems to be one woman who set up a small activist group and website, “National Action against Obesity.” But she managed to get herself on the O’Reilly Factor.

Like good citizens, the Girl Scouts have responded—reducing the levels of trans-fats in their cookies. According to FDA standards for ingredient labels each cookie contains zero trans-fat. Well, the trans-fat is not quite gone, since the FDA counts less than 0.5 grams of trans fat as “zero”. Just don’t eat the whole box.

Way to go girl scouts—give me a double order of those Do-Si-Dos.


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    Mert said:

    Now people seem to forget the issue of obesity. Politics rule it. Whenever a hard politic situation comes up, they try to cover it with obesity problem, but still nice to know some companies trying on the issue.