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VIDEO: Hope seen in blocking Parkinson’s protein

Blocking a protein called LRRK2 can prevent some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in a mouse model of the disease, researchers reported online today in Nature Medicine.

In the following video, several New York-based scientists describe how these animal models of Parkinson’s are helping researchers discover new drugs that inhibit aberrant LRRK2 activity and could perhaps ultimately treat people suffering from the neurodegenerative disease.


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    Michael D. Bettler said:

    I really feel frustrated that of late so much attention is being noted about the LRRK2 gene as it is just one of the identifiers for PD. My wife has PD and does not have this “Lark 2” genetic mutation.

    Why don’t we look at all of the LRRK genes other than the now famous #2? We also know that many Ashkenazi Jews carry the Lark 2 gene and do not ever come down with Parkinson’s disorder.