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    Bob Swanson said:

    I understand this is an honest article but I feel in some ways it’s biased. There thousands, more than that operations that go wrong every year in the united states and elsewhere. Bioengineering is in many ways the future of medicine, it provide avenues for solving problems, and sustainably solving them for peoples lifetime.

    For example in the UK, Dr. Douglas Dunlop and others are working on biological hip replacements. During this procedure they use stem cells and scaffolding to fix the patients hip arthritis. There are thousands of hip replacements yearly some of which don’t work or can even end up causing the death of the patient.

    My argument is that if your going to post a critical article on bioengineering you should equally post 10 critical articles on standard surgeries and treatments in the united states and the developed world. Problems abound.

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      David Hajjar said:

      I see no reason for this article, apart from filling the blog.