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Volume 1 – done!

Today the December issue of Nature Chemistry went live (yes, I know it’s still November and Thanksgiving has not yet arrived for our American cousins, but hey, all the Christmas stuff is already in the shops…!).

Anyway, this represents a fairly significant milestone because it closes out Volume 1 of the journal. Nine issues, lots of pretty covers and some great science to boot! (I guess I’m biased, but you’ll just have to live with that). For those who are fans of metrics, it is these nine issues that will contribute to our first immediacy index (due out in the summer of 2010) and our first impact factor – due one year after that.

But we’re not resting on our laurels, not al all! So begins Volume 2, and the January 2010 issue is not too far from being put to bed as well (short deadlines because of the festive season…). Indeed, two papers from this issue have already been published online in advance of print – with two more following next Sunday.

We will endeavour to continue bringing you the best chemistry from labs around the world in 2010 and hope you enjoy what we have to offer. But now that we can draw a line under Volume 1, for those of you brave enough to leave comments on this post, we’d be keen to hear what you think we’ve got right, what we’ve got wrong – and what your favourite bits were…

Let us know – we’re always looking to improve.


Stuart Cantrill (Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry)


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    mitch said:

    Awesome, I just noticed you put images in the RSS feed. I don’t remember this always being the case, is this new?


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    Neil said:

    I think that the Research Highlight feed doesn’t have/never had images, but the real research articles in the whole table of contents feed always has. They can take a second or two to load, however, so you might have missed them if you’re a quick browser!

    Images in our RSS feed was pretty high on our “web toys” wishlist – from our experience of scouring journal feeds for Research Highlights etc, we know what a difference it can make.