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Dating for techies?

Now, this one really amused me.

Sometime back while we were reinventing the Nature India website and inviting suggestions from our readers, someone said it would be a great idea to introduce a dating/matrimonial corner for scientists. Though we did not take up the suggestion on grounds that it might not gel with our core objectives, it looks like the idea has been bounced around. And some enterprising youngsters have actually created a social dating site for students of the country’s elite technology and management schools — the IITs and IIMs!

So when I saw DateIITians, I didn’t bury my curiosity. I browsed around to find that the site was still under construction in parts. In the age of social networking, it does not come as a surprise that someone has tailor-made a dating site for techies and management graduates. What I could not understand though was why a site meant for Indian students should have European-looking models! The objectives and privacy policy of the site are very well laid out. And apparently, there’s a waitlist running for enrollment!

Do you know of more such networking/dating sites for scientists, tech graduates? Write in. It would be interesting to track this new social trend.


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    Nithyanand Rao (@nithyanandnrao) said:

    New Scientist Connect has been around for some time, I believe.

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    Subhra Priyadarshini said:

    Yes, Nithyanand. Thanks. Any other such endeavour you know of? This one seems to be tailor-made for a niche population.

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    Aditya Mittal said:

    Back in the old days (including the last century), when I was a grad student, scientific meetings had more meaning than just cosying up to well known personalities in science. “Networking” was a concept extended to not just scientific collaboration but also hanging-out that resulted in “dating” for some, friendships for some, and even beyond for a few. Essentially, scientific meetings form a good avenue for like-minded people, with common interests, in every possible way. Scientific societies have been a sort of a forum for “target-rich environments” in every sense. It only requires for us to be mature about the concept.

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    Jay said:

    I am not very sure if it is at all a good idea to encourage marriage among people of the same profession. Most of the time the career of the weaker half (mostly women) is sacrificed (even if s/he is more talented/promising). That is more true in our highly feudal, male-dominated, conservative society.

    It also has too many serious problems to overcome in highly demanding and least (financially) remunerating professions like academic research.

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    Sharad Deshmukh said:

    Dating for techies!

    This seems to be coming from the specialization era. Though the real techies might have requested for it, many other persons are also techies but are not known professional techies. Many people experiment in their own professional field or sometimes extremely different field but are never known as scientists.

    Each person is scientist at his/her level as everybody experiments somehow somewhere sometime.

    One thing sure, that after working hard, supplying too much blood to the brain and crossing many hurdles, everybody wants some food for both sides of brain and dating can certainly provide it.

    This shall improve the quality of research as both sides of the brain will be actively involved in further process!