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    John Paily said:

    The key to survive Global Warming and Climate Change:
    Global warming climate change, in fact all the problems of the world economic instability, instability of human mind manifesting into violence, war, terrorism etc., could be deduced to our lack of understanding of Life and Nature. This in turn can be deduced to lack of understanding of energy/heat cycle in which the system exists. Earth is designed with two opposite forces, the force of sun [unwinding] and earth [ winding] that give way to one another smoothly over a period of time. They manifest into day and night and climatic cycle in which we exists. Earth works to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter, through the climatic cycle and day night cycle. We humans in the ignorance of simple reality of nature have intruded into the smooth working of nature. By linearly doubling the heat being released into the environment we have unilaterally speeded it up, creating a vortex of self destruction. Heat we know creates disorder. We are peaking in disorder because of two facts
    1] The exponential heat/energy being released into the environment
    2] The second is our intrusion into the night cycle when earth functions convert energy into matter and stabilize the system.
    The lack of knowledge of basic energy cycle and our negative intrusion into is stressing natural forces to peaks violently and fall, bringing destruction through fire, wind, flash floods, flash snows. The earth forces are winding one, this means earth quakes and volcanoes are bound increase in the near future. Noble Laureate James Lovelock, the advocator of Gaia Hypothesis has predicted large scale destruction of humanity by Mother Earth. The only hope now exists in Awakening to Truth and evolving to know Mercy and Grace of God and take guard of Earth. The question is how much destruction Humanity has to take, before he returns to the fold of God the Creator to know the Light and knowledge that sustains the system.

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