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New look Nature India for mobiles, tabs, desktops

New Nature India

Nature India now has a brand new look and feel. It’s snazzier, more dynamic and upgraded to respond well to modern browsers and devices.

What this essentially means is that Nature India — your one stop site for all the science news in India — now uses something called ‘media queries’ to check the size of your screen and then creates the front-end of the site to fit the size.

“So it works well across mobiles, tablets or desktops,” says Bob Edenbach, Web Publishing Manager at, who is responsible for the makeover along with his team. Nature India will now be hosted on the platform as opposed to the earlier You might want to bookmark this new url of Nature India in your favourites: The earlier url ( has been set to automatically redirect our readers to this new one.

Bob and his team also developed a cool custom content management system (CMS) from scratch using the Zend Framework 2. The CMS now allows us greater publishing control over the site.

The look of the new website has been enhanced multiple times with a dynamic picture carousel that give our readers a visual treat. The sliding picture deck gives you a peak into the latest and most interesting articles on the site. You will also love the clutter-free site with lots of white space, designed to be easy on the eye.

Our ‘Featured’ section brings to you some of our best articles from recent times while the ‘Our Picks’ section continues to feature a selection of papers that might be of interest or relevance to the scientific community in the region. The section provides free access to some premium content published in journals and portals across the Nature Publishing Group to keep our readers updated with the latest in global science.

In the articles, you can’t miss the new omnipresent, user-friendly social media bar on the left side — it will help you share these articles freely on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

We will also be adding some very interesting new sections to the site soon. So watch this space for some monsoon surprises!

The feedback on our makeover is trickling in, and going by the pulse, our readers are happy. Please comment with your feedback — we are always happy to hear from our esteemed readers, who have largely shaped our editorial and publishing decisions in the last seven years. As you know, our earlier updates have been based on readers’ feedback (1, 2) we received while striving to bring to you the latest in science from the world’s largest democracy.

So don’t forget to write to us while you enjoy reading our award winning content!


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