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Methods papers from the recent literature

We hope you’ve had a chance to check out our selection of Research Highlights in the September issue. In addition, you might find the following list of methods papers from the last few months to be intriguing.

Noninvasive optical imaging of apoptosis by caspase-targeted activity-based probes

Nature Medicine 15, 967 – 973 (2009)

Determination of protein structural flexibility by microsecond force spectroscopy

Nature Nanotechnology 4, 514 – 517 (2009)

Development of GFP-based biosensors possessing the binding properties of antibodies

PNAS 106, 11895 – 11900 (2009)

Quantification of the yeast transcriptome by single-molecule sequencing

Nature Biotechnology 27, 652 – 658 (2009)

Partial sequencing of a single DNA molecule with a scanning tunnelling microscope

Nature Nanotechnology 4, 518 – 522 (2009)

Virtual taphonomy using synchrotron tomographic microscopy reveals cryptic features and internal structure of modern and fossil plants

PNAS 106, 12013 – 12018 (2009)


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